Portraits by Katrina Hintze | Traditional portraits in watercolor and oil

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A 25% deposit will be collected upon your approval of the drawing. The remainder will not be accepted until the portrait is finished and meets with your complete approval. In the unlikely event that you do not like the portrait, I will refund your deposit.

Watercolor portrait

Up to 22-inch by 30-inch unframed watercolor sheet with a simple background.

Oil portrait

Up to 30-inch by 40-inch unframed canvas with a simple background.

Smaller portraits

To include head and shoulders (or a small portrait of a pet) no larger than 16 inches by 20 inches with relatively simple background.


Simple backgrounds are more painterly and less realistic than detailed backgrounds.

Examples of detailed backgrounds—A background in a library featuring favorite books, or the needlepoint on your great grandmother’s favorite rocking chair.


The customer is responsible for the cost of packing and shipping the portrait. (This usually runs around $25 for a watercolor and $50-$100 for oil on canvas…less for smaller portraits.) There are no shipping charges for portraits delivered within 50 miles of Augusta, Georgia.


Georgia residents pay 7% sales tax.


Expenses for travel beyond 50 miles from Augusta, Georgia will be determined when you commission the portrait.